How To Use a Poker Calculator – Learn and Get Rich

I love playing poker, but I am not a genius, especially not in math. In poker you need to do lots of calculations to become successful. I tried but I found it difficult. I often played 3-4 tables at the same time and I felt stressed, which made the calculations even harder for me to do. I searched for something that could help me. What I found was a poker program, specialized for this purpose.

I downloaded a poker calculator and started to use it. Believe me, it was amazing. My bankroll went from small to huge in a couple of months.

When I use the poker calculator I feel more relaxed; no need for manual calculations. I get instant odds and player profiles in an easy to understand display. I could look at the figures and symbols and decide my next action. Not bad for a program that is free. Do you think it is illegal? No it isn’t, most poker sites allows these kinds of program. But, There is a Warning! PokerEdge is a program that is not allowed at PartyPoker. PartyPokers says that PokerEdge gives the users to big advantages in the game. Well, I didn’t dare to use that particular program, but I was tempted to do. Instead I used an allowed poker calculator.

I could radically reduce my mistakes, my style changed from loose to tight. I could keep playing at several tables. (I have tried to play at 6 tables at the same time).

Best thing with a poker calculator is that they often have a free trial period. You can download and try for free. If you like it you buy it, otherwise you don´t.

If you started to use a poker calculator, you don´t want to stop.

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